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The last trace of Mitchell, Minnesota is a pile of cans on the side of the main street, Mitchell Avenue. These will be recognizable for another century or so, for future history-minded explorers.

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Spare spools on the throwing line.
Beside one of the originally-Harris buildings, a line of old drums sleep between ferns and pink stains.
At the top of the old Consumer Brewery staircase is a window full of brick... building built to last and doing exactly that, in spite of smashed windows and skylights.
A few remnants of the control room that were not vandalized at this point; now it's a different story, unfortunately. The tile is glazed ceramic to be permanently nonconductive.
Looking into the tunnel system from below the Women's Ward.  The spot of light you see in the distance is a block glass skylight.
The offices were cut in half, letting the fog roll in and the photographers roll out.
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    Soo Line and Bridgeman's, Lake Superior Railroad Museum

    In mid-1880s, a few men began tunneling under downtown Duluth looking for a fortune. Now there's no trace of their labor under the Point of Rocks, is there?

    The downtown Duluth Soo Line depot, abandoned in 1961. Credit Duluth News Tribune Attic.

    In 1910, after three years of digging and blasting, workers finished their giant tunnel from West End right into downtown Duluth. It's still there, hiding.

    The east portal, looking toward Nopeming Junction and away from the US Steel ruins and Duluth's ore docks.

    It started as a rumor, then I heard it over and over--there was an abandoned train tunnel outside Duluth.