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Dark Pews

No more bailouts. No excuses.
No more bailouts. No excuses.

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Fasade of tarps and fences on the old house.  It used to have a bronze ornament on the second floor patio, but it was taken for scrap years ago.
The pigeons and raccoons have no use for these, so they will sit empty until snow or fire removes them by force.
Cauterized wounds on the factory floor, where the middle of the newer mill opens up to allow massive equipment.  Now the pipes are cut and the equipment is gone.
Taken while standing on the torn outline of a scrapped altar. With my back to the faded outlines of men, books and the Holy Grail, the room seems much lighter.
Sunrise in the orphanage... between classrooms and whispers.
Hard to find your seat when it doesn't know its own name.
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    Part of the unremodeled hospital, above the Service Building, where employees would stay sometimes.

    Nopeming Sanatorium carried the burden of an epidemic for one of America's key industrial boomtowns, before it was cut up, smashed-in, and swept under the rug. Now is the time for me to tell its story. Featured on Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures in 2015.

    In the many-windowed metal building, the lumberyard buildings and the abandoned starch works buildings are separated by a thick wall of pallets.

    From failed starch works to a wartime asset, this brick ruin has seemingly always been an unwanted castle of a forgotten island.

    One of the three ovens where the powder would be heater to over 2000 degrees... hot enough to fuse iron, but not hot enough to liquify it.

    This Duisburg sintering plant is world famous as an industrial ruin; I couldn't pass it by.

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