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Exunt, Belchertown

Stage, 2011
Stage, 2011

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The new steel door of the diesel car shops, built in 1948 and used through the 1960s, as seen from the service pit.  On the top of the photograph you can see the exhaust vent.
Noontime light, long criticized for the boring shadows it grants photographers, comes into its own sometimes.
Scanned after being recovered from the bottom of an old wooden box for a few years. Circa 2005. The only photo I have showing the steam locomotive out front.
These colonial style outbuildings dotted the sides of the overgrown streets. Their purpose is not marked on the old maps.
The title might be misleading, since when this factory was a textile mill the vast majority of its workers were female. Consequently, almost all its bathrooms look like this--rotting stalls and mossy floors.
"Place Tripod Here" my friends would say. But for me, it's the money shot. Note the painting around the inside of the skylight.
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    Soo Line and Bridgeman's, Lake Superior Railroad Museum

    In mid-1880s, a few men began tunneling under downtown Duluth looking for a fortune. Now there's no trace of their labor under the Point of Rocks, is there?

    The downtown Duluth Soo Line depot, abandoned in 1961. Credit Duluth News Tribune Attic.

    In 1910, after three years of digging and blasting, workers finished their giant tunnel from West End right into downtown Duluth. It's still there, hiding.

    The east portal, looking toward Nopeming Junction and away from the US Steel ruins and Duluth's ore docks.

    It started as a rumor, then I heard it over and over--there was an abandoned train tunnel outside Duluth.