Rockies Mural

Colorado, the most miningest state in the union, seems to be pictured in this lunchroom mural.


Where the workers would rest their feet and clean their plates.

Dining Room

The new dining room is still set up for the Twelve Step meetings that took place here a few years ago.

Collapsing Lunchroom

In the corner of the foundry, this lunchroom was literally collapsing under one small leak in the roof. Tile by tile the water ate away the ceiling. Note the clock.

Nopeming Stage, 2015, Porta 160

2015. Water damage hastens the decay of the annex and its stage. Every time I visit this room, the chairs are in different places. Kodak Portra 400 in a Voigtlander Bessa.


The great entrance to the Service Building shows the detail once present in the old hospital.


An employee lunchroom with every door and window covered in vented steel.