Strike Prices

A whiteboard in the quiet turbine room lays it all out… you should sell.


A classroom, perhaps from the days when the city owned the building.


A chalkboard that hasn’t been changed in my lifetime. Not something I expected to find in this engine room closet.

MPE3- Score Board

Peering into a remote office at Manitoba Wheat Pool #3. Someone left their to-do list behind.

Low Gain

I like to imagine this as an old-timey radio microphone.


On the left, the formula for the sintering mix was written (“mischungszusammenselzung”) to keep track of the jobs.


A shipment board for customers that may or may not exist anymore. Let’s assume any of the products made here are probably on backorder.


A basement classroom, its chalkboards long gone, overlooks the playground.

Dept 5157

In the corner of most of the factory floors, freight elevators flanked restrooms to leave more central space for machines and their masters.

Firing Range I

A score keeping chalkboard underground in the armory’s firing range.