A breeze and broken window has animated one of the few curtains still hanging in Nopeming as of 2015.


Sliding curtains gave a little privacy to the residents of this room, which looked and felt more medicinal than most of the other multi-patient rooms.

Surgical Suite, Porta 160

The top floor of the Chateau was the original surgical suite. Later, hydrotherapy took place here. When Nopeming was converted to a nursing home, it was a place where residents watched movies. Portra 400 on Voigtlander Bessa.


A swinging curtain to separate the beds.

Toy Piano

The stage had two pianos. Did they ever duel?


An observation room, possibly for children, has drapes around a 2-way mirror. You know, to dress up the fact that someone could be watching anonymously on the other side.


Every vaudeville show would use different curtains, and of course there had to be a white screen for the films themselves. Lit with four big construction lights.

Door 8

The curving corridors flanking the Administration Tower are especially ornate, though the prison-like door betrays the real purpose of the building.

Sanding Station

A heavy cloth separates the sanding station from other areas. This particular section seemed to specialize with chair seats, judging by the many unsanded blanks there.


This little curled yellow thing is one of the last hints that this adobe building was lived in.