Blending House XXX

An emergency slide to help workers evacuate the blending house in an emergency.

Prize Mine Powder Vault

A safe distance from Prize Mine is its dynamite storage vault, designed to explode up–not out–should the worst happen.

Wood Block Floor

A steel powder keg serves as a door prop on the static-proof wood core floor. Note the ‘XXX’ marking to the left of the double door.

10 Operators 5 Casuals

“Ballistite is a smokeless propellant made from two high explosives, nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine. It was developed and patented by Alfred Nobel in the late 19th century.” -Wikipedia.

Hollywood Mortars

For the Batman movie, fire was blown out of the windows of the factory to make it appear it was exploding. To add to the effect, on actual Brach’s building was imploded.

Solvent Recovery Line

Solvent pumping buildings, designed to explode upwards rather than outwards in an emergency, are forgotten near the milkweed.

Powder Cart

Note the wood and rubber wheels on this powder cart.

Testing Grounds

Ammunition had to be tested on site before shipment. That was done here. These heavy concrete bunkers deflected rounds harmlessly into the earth.

Material Limits

Limits on personnel and explosives allowed in the building at the same time.