Lockers for the boiler room workers.

Collapsed Locker Room

The roof came down on the locker room in the basement of the poor house. This may be for employees, or perhaps there are showers around the corner–the building was too unstable to go further.

Basket IV

Chains connected hooked baskets and lockers to hoist up clothes and helmets when they were above ground. Whether wet with sweat or dry street clothes, the system worked to unclutter lockers and maintain air circulation around subterranean uniforms.

Far Flung Locker

Workers’ lockers, strewn across Main Street, yet still out of the way.

Fisher Locker

#67, one of the only lockers that is not crunched to the point it refuses to open. In the corner of the small office area.


Parts lockers on the top floor of the power plant.