View from the Booth

It’s a straight view from the projection booth to the stage, but hell of a walk. At a fast pace, I think it would take 10 minutes to walk from this spot to the chair. Behind the curtains is a big white screen, so the theatre could be used for either stagework or moving pictures. The two projectors are set up for 3D movies right now–hence the little switch below the window–a Polaroid 3D synchronizer. Cool, huh?

From the Projection booth

The theater had a projection booth in the rear, though the movie projector was gone. This is looking where the projector lens would have been at the stage.

Projection Booth II

This is the original projection booth space, but it has been remodeled a bit to accommodate mixing boards and other live performance equipment. Before the theatre was separated to accommodate two stages, this would overlook two balconies, the house, and the main stage.