Cramer Tunnel
Northern Minnesota

Cramer is a ghost town of the lumber industry in Northern Minnesota. While it had a post office from 1911 through 1917, today it is better known as the location of the longest train tunnel in the state. LTV Steel bored and blasted an 1,800 foot long tunnel to connect their Hoyt Lakes taconite plant with Taconite Harbor, their ore dock. The tunnel saw heavy use from its opening in 1957 until LTV’s bankruptcy forced the ore dock to close in 2001.

If you want to visit the tunnel yourself, simply navigate to Cramer, MN, where few houses stand, then take Highway 7 north, with will take you under the approach trestle. Follow the trestle and you will find the tunnel. Or, navigate using a handheld GPS: N 47.53667 W 91.07815 – Have fun!