Duluth Armory
Duluth, MN

This armory was built in 1915 for the 3rd Regiment of the Minnesota National Guard.

During the World Wars, it was a place where troops would train and muster, and where equipment was stored. Occasionally, it would be used as a concert hall. This is where a young Bob Dylan watched Buddy Holly in 1959, one of Buddy’s last appearances before he was killed in a plane crash. The city bought the building in 1978 and used its offices for community improvement programs and stored fleet vehicles in the drill room. It was purchased by a group of preservationists in 2004 and is awaiting funding to reopen as a music and arts center.

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A panorama from London Road on a cloudy day.
The roof has been replaced since this was taken. Hopefully, that will stem the water damage.
The stage had seen some water damage, but it can (and should) be brought back!
The stage from the balcony, which was in bad condition.
A bathroom in the rear of the ballroom that overlooks the Rose Garden.
The back wall of the ballroom, showing water-warped floors.
The ballroom is fantastic, and it overlooks the historic Rose Garden and Lake Superior!
A bank of vertical filing cabinets, probably dating to National Guard days.
The former, and much-altered, main entrance and grand staircase.
A classroom, perhaps from the days when the city owned the building.
A fireproof room in the basement, perhaps for ammunition storage at one time.
A panorama from a basement room protected by an amphibian platoon, hand-painted by some National Guardsman from the past. I hope it gets preserved somehow…
Looking down range. You can tell where most of the rounds hit by the dark marks in the wall.
A score keeping chalkboard underground in the armory’s firing range.