Hearn Generating Station
Toronto, ON

R.L. Hearn is a power plant in downtown Toronto built in 1951. Its most dramatic feature is its mammoth, 700 foot tall smokestack that can be seen from much of the city. In the 1970s, Hearn was converted to burn natural gas, though it never succeeded in doing so efficiently. By the end of the decade, some of the plant was mothballed while other units resorted back to coal.

The RL Hearn GS, seen in the 1960s, by the looks of it.

1983 was the last year smoke rose from the stack. Staff was reduced from 180 to 10, which were mostly assigned to the control room. While there was a push in 1990 to restart the plant, it was soon forgotten. Now it is better known as a place where photographers go off-limits, but not without risk. An urban explorer was fatally injured when he fell in the plant in 2008. In recent years, the plant has been reused as a music venue (Luminato Festival) and a film set (RED, Orphan Black, Killjoys, Pacific Rim, Strange Brew, Shadowhunters).