Grain Elevators of
The Mill City
Minneapolis, MN

Ruined Elevators


ADM-Delmar #1

Known fondly to explorers as “Pig Nut” after a bit of graffiti in its annex (“This is the Pig’s Nuts!”).

A tower above Minneapolis that few people see.
A tower above Minneapolis that few people see.

This elevator, like many others, was built in sections. The concrete bins were poured in 1926 and connected to the massive ADM-Delmar #3, now demolished. The cleaning house (tower) followed in 1938. A grain dryer was added in 1948—this is the purpose of the steel venting seen on the west side of the building.

In 2011 the elevator’s iconic (and treacherous) skyway was removed, separating the workhouse from the elevator annex. Other than the skyway, notable features included a thriving homeless community in the ground-level conveyer house, now demolished, and open-top silos in the 1926 section.

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