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Brewster Projects
Detroit, MI

Promises of good jobs brought tens of thousands of Black families to Detroit between 1910 and 1940, but redlining blocked them from living anywhere near the industrial districts where they worked. Brewster-Douglass was supposed to be the answer, but by the 1980s it had become a new kind of ghetto.

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City Methodist Church
Gary, IN

Gary’s sad story is written on the payrolls of US Steel. When the mill modernized there were massive layoffs, as a result this grand gothic church’s congregation fell from 1,700 to 100. It closed in 1975.

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New Mexico

Colmor, New Mexico was founded in 1887 and abandoned in the 1960s. It missed the railroad. It missed the highway. It’s a dirt road kind of town.

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Gilman, Colorado:

Zinc Mountain Ghost Town

Under the star trails at our rooftop camp it was hard to believe that I was still living in a time when ghost towns–real ghost towns–were still engraved onto the sides of mountains. Below its cracked city streets courses the treasure that built the town and the poison that killed it. Cup your ears against the walls, be very still, and listen to the memory of a place called home.