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James Clemens House
Saint Louis, MO

Many older cities around the US have areas like this, where last century’s mansions are today’s abandonments and hastily-split tenements. Not friendly places, people usually zoom through with their doors locked. I might have passed the neighborhood over too, if it wasn’t for one word, TWAIN.

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Mines of the Argo
Central City, Colorado

A Philadelphia doctor builds a 4-mile-long tunnel to drain hundreds of mines of ore and water. A crooked dentist turns Quartz Hill into a crater called The Glory Hole. Here is the stories of some of the mines connected to “The Mighty Argo” before a deadly mining accident closed most of the district down in 1943.

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Duluth, MN

Nopeming Sanatorium carried the burden of an epidemic for one of America’s key industrial boomtowns, before it was cut up, smashed-in, and swept under the rug. Now is the time for me to tell its story. Featured on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures in 2015.