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DMIR Roundhouse and Railworks
Two Harbors, MN

Climb­ing that lad­der let me see through the steam, by the orange light of the sun­set dump­ing through the sooted sky­lights like the shop lights on the dead crane. It had been a while since it lifted a loco­mo­tive off its cha­sis, but the smell of grease was still strong enough to lubri­cate my sinuses

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Gary Screw and Bolt
Gary, IN

From 1910 to 1986, Gary Bolt & Screw manufactured an incredible amount of fasteners and steadily employed about 1,000 people. Then, something went wrong–today its walls are not filled with rusty equipment or even dust. Instead, hundreds of piles of rotting donated clothes fill in the space under the old gantry cranes…

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Harris Machinery
Minneapolis, MN

The Harris Machinery property dates to 1870 when the Peteler Portable Railway factory built their factor here. Between then and now the tenants have changed a couple of times, but there’s still a little piece of Minneapolis that looks and smells just the same.