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Allouez Bay
Iron Ore Docks
Superior, WI

I have a unique perspective of the Allouez Ore Docks, and that’s my usual perch on the last light hoop. Find out how the docks sound when the lake freezes. What it’s like to watch a 1,000 foot ore carrier passing by in the fog. Finally, I go in detail to tell the history of this place, where boats and trains danced by the lake.

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Municipal Grain Terminal
Saint Paul, MN

This 1931 barge loader irked the City of St. Paul for decades–it literally sits over the Mississippi River, making it troublesome to demolish. It turns out that this concrete tower lasted just long enough to get redeveloped. See how, and learn the whole story.

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The JB Ford Ore Boat
Lake Superior

I couldn’t believe it took me so long it took for me, having lived in Duluth, Minnesota for five years, to get onto an abandoned laker. Still afloat, the JB Ford launched in 1904 to carry iron ore and was later converted as a floating concrete carrier. Welcome aboard.