The following people helped me make this project work, from getting out of the house to getting out of the country and moving my pile of research from legal pads to Word docs to the web. It’s an incomplete list, but these things always are.

KATE– hobo whisperer, thousands of miles traveled

You’re the closest thing I have to a sister. Well, if my parents would have tolerated such a hippie in the house! Not only do you regularly give me technical tips, which I value, but you encourage me to break out of my documentarian attitude and see the camera frame differently.

Ava – Canadiana-er and Human Bazooka

Thank you for keeping me from taking too many risks with my life, making me sammiches when we’re 1000-some miles away from the next stop, and charming terrifying border guards with your knowledge of “Our Friendly Northern Neighbor”.

Chongwon – purveyor of absolutes, nerdy friend

Favorite quote: “Some of your pictures are nice. Some are nicer than others.”


Favorite quote: “Truck truck truck.” You are a talented photographer, and I always do better work when we’re out together. Though you’ve moved away, I cherish the time we are able to make the effort to see each other. Now, go find some drains for us to light up!

Elise – Tireless sherpa, forgiving tag-along

You put up with my dual academic-adventurer personality for years, never complained about having to go in the sewers or on rooftops, and you always had something supportive to say when I was penniless, stranded, and down.

FLIK – Fargo contact, tower climber

We had great adventures that broke up the monotony of life in Fargo. I will always remember shredding my pants in negative seven degree weather, before that climb. You were right, I do laugh when I look back on that…

MOPED Will – Web design advice, general mopedding

Whenever I need a critique on some aspect of the site, you are there to offer a solid design opinion.

Sherman – Rebecca Black IMPERSONATOR

FRIDAY, FRIDAY… also, inspiring work on Abandoned. You’re my go-to friend in Ohio, and I know we will have many more adventures together.

Vincent – Detroit hospitality, alliterative redemption

Favorite quote: “Yeah, but this is Detroit,” which you said every time I questioned some strange thing we would do. I am still miffed that you get to have Atwater Brewery beer while I’m stuck with Wisconsin microbrews, so I’ll stop the compliments here.

Alex – Kentucky kontact, unending encouragement, general fluttering

You always helped me out, especially when I got depressed between adventures. “We’ll always have Louisville.”

Harry – Missouri couch, BBQ, and chocolate martinis 

I will never forget sitting in the truffle shop and downing half a dozen chocolate martinis, smelling salty from days on the road–all the while surrounded by the well-heeled and gentler folk. Also, I will be telling my grandchildren about how I first saw the Gateway Arch.

Kristen – root beer (MILK) floats, tranformers, Kansas couch

You shared your place, did not mind driving me around, and were always kind, even when I was not.

RADISH – milk-in-a-bagger, the reddest radish at the ball

You let me stay in your house when I was out of money and out of my country. You helped me patch up a friendship with an old friend, which I never thought was possible.

BOB – philanthropist ala asbestos

You helped me get started in photography, don’t mind talking industry and local history at the drop of a hat, and always support me, no matter what my weird long-forgotten factory I choose to obsess about.

University of Notre Dame – For the library of my dreams

I sat in the library for what seemed like days, surrounded by South Bend history books, maps of Detroit, and stacks of photography magazines from the 1970s showing the last great years of US Steel.

DanARCHY/ETMJ – roadtripper, film nerd, rocker of mohawks

You took me on one of my first long distance photography road trips and taught my how to use a medium format camera.

Harald – oldschool industrial photographer

I still try to mimic the sterile, functional feel of your black and white work, and can’t wait to visit Germany and see what you saw, or what’s left of it. See it here: [STAHLART]

Max (Action)– oldschool adventurer

Your website inspired me in grade school to start looking at the world differently. See his website here: [ACTIONSQUAD]